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The purpose of this website is to talk about Dr. Michael Hilton, emergency medicine doctor based in New York. On this site, you can view a full bio for Dr. Hilton, as well as his experience in emergency medicine and current information on the subject, which is one of his areas of expertise.

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Dr. Michael Hilton created this website to discuss mass gathering medicine, one of the most vital medical services. As a physician with over a decade of experience, he has much experience providing medical services for events. This blog is full of information helpful for individuals with all differing stages of experience, from those who have never heard of mass gathering medicine to those who serve these events themselves. Simply head over to our Blog Page for informational articles, or you can click on the About tab and view bio information and a history on Dr. Hilton there.


Dr. Michael Hilton

dr michael hilton

Medical Doctor, New York, NY

Dr. Michael Hilton works with a startup company named NYC Therapeutics, and previously served three years as the Medical Director for Sollis Health. In 2009 he received his Doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh, and in 2014 earned his Master of Public Health degree. He is committed to always continuing his training in his field, and attends courses and seminars to gain more knowledge on mass gathering medicine.


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You will definitely find a valuable resource in our blog, which contains trends, tips, and up to date information about mass gathering medicine whether you are just curious or you are an expert in the field. You can also find expert advice accumulated from Dr. Michael Hilton’s decade plus of experience as a physician. If you want to learn more about Dr. Hilton, just check out his full bio on the About Page.

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Mass gathering medicine is concerned with providing medical care to individuals where a large group is gathering or an event is being held. With so many variables and potential patients in one area, providers of mass gathering medicine must always stay on their toes. You can use the articles in our blog to learn more about the topic or to discover any ways in which you can get involved in the field. throughout Dr. Hilton’s career, he has gathered a large amount of knowledge regarding mass gathering medicine which can also be found here.


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Anyone interested in networking with Dr. Michael Hilton or in learning more about mass gathering medicine is encouraged to get in contact with him by clicking on the Contact tab and filling out the form found there. Dr. Hilton always enjoys discussing the field and any collaboration opportunities and responds to you as soon as he can. You are also welcome to follow Michael’s social media pages, or check out the Blog page to view articles about mass gathering medicine.


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